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Casting Call for The Last New Year

Date Mar. 20th 11:04 AM Icon 889 Date 0    


If you are a PROFESSIONAL ACTOR who fits the Breakdown please forward your HS/Resume to the e-mail below...

Short Film

Fifteen minute Short with the potential to become a Feature and/or Episodic.


Casting Director: Natasha Parker

Interview Date(s): March 28th

Callback Date(s): TBD

Shoot/Start Date: April 19th-21st

Location: Chicago

Pay Rate: Meals, Reel, Credit

Additional Personnel and Production Info:

Executive Producers:
Marcus Taylor, Sergio Neyland, Ayanna Roberts
Producers: N.K. Gutiérrez, Anton Deshawn
Director: Natasha Parker
Writer: N.K. Gutiérrez
Casting Assoc: Anton Deshawn
Coordinator: Rajee Aerie

*Project will shoot for two days over the
weekend of April 19th-21st



Special Notes
*you may also submit via Actors Access or Castingnetworks*
*submissions MUST be received NO LATER THAN March 25th at 9pm

By New Years Eve 2012, according to the Mayans, the world as we know it should have been no more. Well, no one was wishing for the Apocalypse more than Alyssa. But to her cosmic disappointment, the Mayan’s were wrong, and she is once again forced to watch the rest of the world prepare to celebrate one of the most anticipated date nights of the year, while she celebrates the anniversary of her THIRD dateless, sexless, hopeless holiday. As if the night could get any worse, her world is completely crushed when she discovers the heartbreaking death of her closest companion. Alyssa finally gives in to her best friend, Shayna, who has been begging her for years to join her on a very DARING journey back to Alyssa’s inner “Peen Queen.”

The Last New Year is a comedic exploration of a women’s UNIQUE journey to a world of life, laughter, and lustmaking. THREE Years. TWO Women. ONE Orgasm?

Alyssa Rocha- Female, Lead
Shayna Albright- Female, Co-Star
Obisoulstar- Male, Supporting
Shitter- Male, Supporting
P.P.P- Male, Supporting
Yoga Instructor

Alyssa Rocha - late 20’s, multi-racial, medium-thick build, tall. Alyssa is a vintage clothing and furniture salvage designer, who works from home. She is vegan and an evolving conscious consumer; a work in progress. She historically had a pretty steady and successful dating life, until she hit twenty-five and her quarter-life crisis sent her into a three year dating dessert. This rut has lead her into a world of ever suffocating isolation and some not-so-hot grooming habits. Dateless and Desperate! Alyssa has a handpicked sister, Shayna, who she met in college. They share a two-flat apartment building.
*Comedic Timing a must
(ALREADY CAST, N.K. Gutiérrez will be playing Alyssa.

Shayna Albright- late 20’s, open-ethnicity, small-average build. Gorgeous! Very comfortable with herself and her sexuality, Shayna is a photo journalist for Cosmopolitan Magazine. She’s generally lucky in love and life and doesn’t take her self too seriously. Since she is pretty much successful at whatever she sets her mind to she always views setbacks as a time of liberation and reinvention. She is the type of girl that is always going to get back in the game and will go to extremes to make it happen. Shayna and Alyssa met in college and have been inseparable besties since. They share a two-flat apartment building.
* MUST have impeccable Comedic Timing.

Obisoulstar- late 20’s-30’s, African-African American, tall, strong, and dark Hershey Chocolate handsome, dreads or afro-centric hair vibe. Obisoulstar is an indie-musician that Alyssa meets at Gaudi Café, she and Shayna’s local coffee hangout, where he is gigging. They exchange numbers and meet up for a couple of coffee dates until he leaves to go on tour with Lenny Kravitz. He tries to keep in contact with Alyssa while on the road but she ends up blowing him off when she falls into a fit of despair after a horrible date with another guy, on her 25th Birthday, that makes her to swear off ALL men.
*Must be able to sing and play the guitar
(ALREADY CAST, Obisoulstar will be playing himself.

P.P.P.- middle-aged, late 40’s- early 50’s, open-ethnicity, balding preferred but not mandatory. Personal Pan Pizza (P.P.P.), is Alyssa’s date that shows up at the restaurant grossly underdressed for the occasion, looking about two decades older than his profile picture. The date turns from bad to worse when he does the food ordering for both of them!
*Comedic Timing

The Shitter- late 20’s- 40, open-ethnicity, ethnically-ambiguous- light-complected African-American, tall (at least 5’11”) very fit, drop-dead GORGEOUS. Every girls fantasy man. This is the birthday date that officially takes Alyssa off the market, but for all the wrong reasons. Her seemingly perfect man shows a whole other side of himself when he has an adverse reaction to their not-so-vegan dinner.
*Must have great Comedic Timing, dynamic facial expressions, and be comfortable with on-screen kissing

Waiter- early 20’s-up, open-ethnicity. Serves soup at an upscale restaurant on Alyssa’s date with The Shitter.
*Comedic Timing, dynamic facial expression

Yoga Instructor- open-age, Caucasian. Alyssa’s instructor who helps her get her “Bendy Back” before her big night.
*Comedic Timing

****Must be available for AUDITION & SHOOT in CHICAGO****

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